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The secret behind Catapult’s power? Talent, expertly assembled. We’ve engineered a network of problem solvers, technicians, producers, and developers. So you get the people you need on your team, not the ones you don’t. Efficient. Elegant. Easy.

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01LISTENWe pay attention to ensure we understand your business problem.

02PrepareWe assemble your team, plan your project. Measure twice.

03VisionWe explore, guide, and collaborate with you to determine a target.

04CatapultWe create the deliverable you need to go airborne and get you to your destination.

05RefocusThen we do it all over again to get you to the next goal.



Fortune 500’s, 100’s, start-ups, liftoffs … we work with companies big and small.

Catapult work for Ameriprise
Catapult work for Entellus
Catapult work for Graco
Catapult work for Health Partners
Catapult work for Siemens
Catapult work for Thomson Reuters
Catapult work for US Bank
Catapult work for BI Worldwide
Catapult work for Cargill
Catapult work for Select Comfort
Catapult work for Jefferson Lines
Catapult work for the Animal Humane Society

We invite you to add your name to the list. You’re in good company!



A catapult’s success is in the design. Its flight path depends on operational know-how, and critically important conversations between our expert problem solvers and you. “Where to?!” is the essential question we explore together, so you end up with the right “How to.”


At Catapult, it's not all about our shiny super-efficient equipment, or our state of the art G7 color matching technology, the standards we've set for sustainable printing, or even our High Definition print standards.


Sure, we're proud of all the awards we've won for print excellence and environmental leadership. Absolutely we bask in our customer's praise. And of course we're eager to show off our creativity and capabilities.


Behind every innovation and accomplishment is Catapult's dedicated team of professionals, visionaries, perfectionists, and problem solvers. Because, at Catapult, we pride ourselves most on delivering the best solutions for you. Our unmatched quality, service, and results serve a single purpose: to maximize your marketing investment. It's our promise to you, and the cornerstone of our business.




Engineered To Go Further







Talented, curious and at the ready, we are the people who take you further.

Chuck Klein - CEO
Chad Reller - Account Manager
Joel Boerboom - Account Manager
Dean Chapman - VP Internal Development
Helen Atkinson - Project Manager
Susan Bendickson - Design, Production Artist
Danielle Varholdt - Project Manager
Paul Lodoen - Account Manager
Miranda Haroldson - Assistant Project Manager
Kayla McCullough - Accountant/HR Administrator