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Dental Services Group





Dedicated Client Storefront

Dental Services Group (DSG) is a nationwide network of dental laboratories. Their early adoption of innovative materials and techniques, and their support services for dentists are part of the brand promise to make customers successful. To expand the promise beyond the lab, they came to us for help developing a line of education pieces to be distributed in the dental office. An informed patient is much more likely to make a decision to have dental work done—a win for everyone.

For the 40- to 50-years old primary audience the decision to restore a front tooth is an easy one. The decision to fix a molar is not met with the same enthusiasm.  With that in mind, we gave DSG two options—a straightforward clinical approach and a version that establishes an emotional connection between the patient and their smile.  The fun and interactive Mad Libs approach moves the patient from fear factor to Wow! factor. It answers questions— Will I look like a pirate? Will my partner notice it when we kiss? Can I chew steak?—and holds out the promise of a happier and more confidant you. Who wouldn't want a bite of that?